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  • Riding Again

    I have just had my bike serviced and having done about 40kms since last rego I need to get back to riding.
    One of the things i need to practice is braking. I am lucky that i have residential streets, 80km/h, and 100km/hr limits
    within a couple of minutes to go and practice on. I have been riding for 40yrs but know I am rusty.
    I will be brushing up before I tackle traffic or the highway.

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    You can never have too much practice / skill enhancement, Allan.... I have to say that if I haven?t been on the bike for a couple of weeks I spend the first 15 minutes or so getting in ?tune? with the ride / road
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      I agree. With my 3 1/2 months away and off the bike, I deliberately practice when riding. There are a number of things I "do" including taking my time in getting underway:

      Testing my brakes and testing them hard, a time or two in the first couple of blocks when leaving home.

      Do a couple of hard counter steer swerves, maybe include the use of brake in one of them. (change position, get slow)

      I'll do a lap of the town - it's only little, involves stop, give way, a couple of roundabouts and a short Main Street. 5 minutes, that is not long. You can faff around with helmet, gloves and keys for longer. Anyway, there is always the chance that I will have forgotten something, which I can fix easily so long as I am not already way down the road. It gives me time to ensure that I am all together and not about just wasting my time.

      Hey even if is only a 40 km round trip to the next town, its better to make one trip than two. If it's the 160km round trip to the larger centre, then it gets significant and irritating, particularly when the run is a "dash" to get something, and I've forgotten something significant about the purpose(s) of the trip, which has me turn around somewhere down the road - then the time blows out.

      Anyway, it makes me appreciate the open road a bit more. When I get on the highway, everything has had a test, and my oil is warm. Seriously ready to go. Bike, and head.

      I'm over heading out with my mind elsewhere, and only scant attention to details - the sorts of things that can easily bring one undone. So there is never any hurry. This way, I would notice little thing or two that isn't right, if it isn't straight up. Tyre pressures spring to mind. I don't check them with a gauge EVERY time I ride, but do pay attention. I can "pick" it if a tyre is a couple of pounds down. You never know when you might pick up a nail/screw/piece of wire, and not notice it. Early detection.

      I guess I'm just getting cautious with a few years up. I want to keep doing as I've done.

      For the mystical types. Yes, there is something a little "Zen" about it. It's like a lot of things where there is some contemplation in preparation for the act. Focus. Do it, without any distractions. the "moment" of contemplation in this case is 5 minutes. Not a bad little investment.
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        Congratulations alanmc, steady as you go is the right approach. As Swish said, you can never have too much practise and skill enhancement


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          You'll get plenty of practice next year when I come down with the 59 club
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            Good onya Al
            I have a similar routinto JS, where I test the ABS and lots of angle changes feeling the tyres, BEFORE I hit the end of the street.
            A bit of slooooow work every now & then sharpens the brain a bit too
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