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A different perspective of Koran teachings

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  • A different perspective of Koran teachings

    Keeping an open mind on world happenings we must be open to many versions of what others believe .
    Many people are sheep and go along with what everybody else is doing .... never really studying or seeking the truth for themselves .
    What is the truth , are we heading towards something that the prophets foresaw in a dream or have our lives been steered in a direction to put the profits in the pockets of the teachers.

    Here's something I found interesting
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    That guy is clearly seeking the truth for himself. I can admire that.

    It is an interesting, and not fallacious, turn of logic that he applies

    This must be like a red flag to dyed in the wool, rusted on Muslims. It might bother a few Christians as well, but the modern day conciliatory types might find his view somewhat refreshing.

    Actually, it's a big MEH! from me, as I view all religious doctrine relating to creation as a human construct, and a relic of a much earlier time when it was sufficient to simply accept the word of those regarded as more learned, which people embraced because there seemed to be some answers there.

    Fortunately, we live in more enlightened times AND ordinary people have the tools with which to examine the evidence which exists. Unfortunately, or fortunately, we now know that there is a lot of sheer BS in much religious doctrine, however it often does contain some useful stuff in relation to how best to treat others. Maybe that is why so many cling to it.

    I personally find that disappointing, because if simple logic, not to mention experience, cannot provide very good and practical reasons for living according to some sort of moral code consistently, then what hope is there for humanity?

    For example, if one embraces the adage, "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth," on board and applies it rigorously, there is a recipe for the sorts of generations long vendetta campaigns which exist in some societies. The beliefs of Christians have evolved, at least in many societies.

    It is important to keep an open mind, and at least consider what others believe.

    Thanks for that Silky. Thought provoking.
    The trick is to grow old. "Growing up" is less important than surviving.


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      Well I thought the eye for an eye law was from the Old Testament ..... kind of like Book One where man is created and because Sara couldn't have a child Abraham had a child to the Arab housemaid Hagar and so the Muslim / Christian troubles began .

      The eye for an eye law wasn't part of the 10 commandments and somewhere I thought there was a sub clause new law overriding the 10 commandments which was " Love thy brother as you'd love thyself " and that covered everything .

      Considering being translated from Arabic ? to Greek or Latin ? most of the current Christian Bibles are very similar .
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      Earth Child - In harmony with the planet


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        I personally find Odin or Woden, if you want, to be the more entertaining of all the deities, if you could describe him/her/it as a deity...leaves those middle eastern, sandal wearing, pussies for dead.


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          This is relatively connected. For those who might have an interest if you get the book I promise it?s very compelling reading.

          It will enlighten but also frighten the crapola out of you.

          Education is what you get from reading the small print.
          Experience is what you get from not reading it.