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  • Congratulations on fixing you back munch.
    "$200 bucks is less than a visit to my lumbar specialist for a half hour visit. "
    I think you have identified why none of the specialists have told you about this.


    • Exactly my thoughts Allan.


      • We've got a pretty good second hand shop here in town. There have been quite a few of almost every sort of "fitness device" known to man in them.

        I don't think I have ever seen on of those in there. That alone speaks volumes - I do know a few people who have them. Thy have kept them and use them.

        Relaxation and gentle traction is possibly the best alignment aid one can provide for the spine. I used to use the kids' climbing bars to hang by my hands. This worked to correct a whoopsie in my lower back as a result of a lift and rotate sort of injury (disk compression and displacement) which was very painful. Of course, hanging by the arms can do nothing for the neck vertebrae. That was not where my problem was.

        It took somewhere between 6 and 10 "hangs" over a couple of weeks, before one day I heard and felt a "clunk" after which I was simply fixed. The problem with hanging by one's hand is in getting completely relaxed in other parts of the body while working the hands and forearms hard, AND in the amount of time one can actually do it.

        Yours is a very sensible solution, Munch. I don't think any specialist is going to find too much wrong with it as home therapy. There is no movement or manipulation (like rotation) or pressure involved.
        The trick is to grow old. "Growing up" is less important than surviving.


        • Edge Run

          Last weekend was the annual 'Edge' Memorial Run. A short but quick run on the last Sunday of May. Starts on the hills above Christchurch and ends up on top of another hill at a pub about 40ks away, then it's back to my place these days for scones and coffee and anything else that fits. Not very good pics K1W1, but my fingers were too cold to hold the camera and click things at the same time. About thirty riders this year. Again, we got away with a fucking cold but dry day. Lots better than the rain or ice and snow in other years







          • Pics and link to vid of the Southern Classic I just went to. This is my baby that I seeded and now it's all grown up. I even get a glimpse of myself on track at about 3.45.