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2018 Numbat Rally

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  • 2018 Numbat Rally

    This is my fourth Numbat Rally , I really like this rally site and it's only about 250 k's ................. just down the road .
    I was happy with my journey there , no big rush and the route I take keeps me away from traffic jams , Williams , Narrogin , Brookton , Beverly .

    Nb 1.jpg Nb 3.jpg Nb 5.jpg Nb 6.jpg Nb 7.jpg Nb 8.jpg Nb 13.jpg Nb 14.jpg Nb 17.jpgNb 20.jpg
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    The numbers were down a bit but the old die-hards were there .

    Thomo rode down from Kalgoorlie won the furtherest traveled male , Bob rode up from Albany on a 1960's BMW won the oldest combined age rider and machine .

    I mingled a bit but was happy to sit around the fire contemplating the universe , very relaxing time .

    Emergency helicopter came this year again , some guy rode a dirt bike into an eight foot ditch at speed , compound fracture of leg .... non of my business have another bourbon .
    Lots of people went home on the Sunday but I stayed the second night and watched the homemade petrol boms being set off , listened to some music .

    Nb 38.jpg Nb 36.jpg Nb 37.jpg Nb 26.jpg Nb 39.jpg Nb 41.jpg Nb 42.jpg Nb 27.jpg Nb 25.jpg Nb 31.jpg

    The ride home was fantastic ..... the weather was threatening rain but didn't sprinkle on me till I was about 10k out of Collie . Stopped only once , got fuel and a pie at Narrogin .
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      Nice one Silky


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        Cool pix!
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          Looks like a great weekend..........Some interesting / cool gear amongst those pics too
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            Awesome pics mate
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              Good onya Silky. Thanks
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                Goodonya Silky, thanks for sharing.
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