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R.I.P. Clive James

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  • R.I.P. Clive James
    Pissin' in the wind, bettin' on a losing friend
    Makin' the same mistakes, we swear we'll never make again
    Pissin' in the wind, but it's blowing on all our friends...

    © Jerry Jeff Walker

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    R.I.P. Clive.................A very witty, talented and down to earth Aussie who made it big time in the UK but never forgot home. Sadly missed !!
    I don't like being outdoors Smithers, for one thing, there's too many fat children. - C. Montgomery Burns
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      He was a great entertainer. RIP Clive. You have left many memories on film or DVD.
      Thank you.


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        R.I.P Clive

        and Thank You for the many many laughs.


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          Another icon gone. 80 is not a bad innings for someone who was a heavy smoker. I hadn't realised how old he was. I read that he was a member of the "Sydney Push" then saw a pic of him aged 20. That was when I was 8! That would have exposed him to at least two eras as an "aware" individual for which I either can't recall personally, or were completely off the scope of a pre-teen child. His "awakening" came early.

          I guess I'm starting to think we are all about the same age; age is only about doing/having done things, really. He had lived through a quite a variety of "times." Perspective is gained with the journey through these. The real thinkers have had a varied history and have continued to ask the questions and continually strive to get the most out of the present, however it is. People like him never stop. When they do, they are generally not afraid of dying. They've been through good times and bad, understand the meaning and origin of "the good old days" and put everyday events in perspective, and as a rule

          Clive James recognised this early, and was very good at sharing - He made his life by sharing perspectives with others, and more particularly, sharing the perspectives of others through his work in the media.

          He'd already been missed, as he faded from view, as he gradually withdrew his public media presence. I'm sure he will be fondly remembered by the many who watched his many talk shows over the years. Life is so interesting. He reminded us of that with every interview. Gentle Aussie humour was his stock in trade. Few could ever match his ability in humorous criticism. He had that down.

          RIP Clive - You've done well.
          The trick is to grow old. "Growing up" is less important than surviving.


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            Thanks for the good times and the great words and collectives of your thoughts
            RIP Clive
            If we believe in “freedom”, we don’t get to choose whose freedom is most worth defending.
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