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Not gangsters, just friendly guys: How outlaw bikies are re-badging

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  • Not gangsters, just friendly guys: How outlaw bikies are re-badging

    Not gangsters, just friendly guys: How outlaw bikies are re-badging as members of 'motorcycle social clubs' - so cops can't crack down on them

    Former outlaw bikies are said to be joining 'social' riding groups in droves
    The men wear leather vests with patches on, much like outlaw group uniforms
    A council has also been set up to protect rights of motorcycle riders
    The council is accused of pushing people to join a feeder club for Rebels MC
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    Former outlaw motorcycle gang members are joining social clubs as a way of getting around anti-bikie laws.

    In the past few years, multiple new clubs have been established including the Australian Social Motorcycle Club and Viking Breed, all under the guise of being social motorcycle clubs.

    Members wear leather vests with club insignia on it, much like banned bikie colours.

    A OMCG member, who asked not to be named, told Daily Mail Australia former outlaw motorcycle club members, including a former Bandidos chapter president, were joining social groups en-masse.

    He said the men were using the cover of a legal social club to consort, using legitimate members to act as covers to allow them to run tattoo parlours, and in one case, a former outlaw member had set up a 'council' as a front for inducting members into a rival outlaw gang.

    One former outlaw, who joined the Australia Social Motorcycle Group, is still believed to have a full back tattoo linking him to the outlaw group.

    Members from the social group are alleged to have links to the Finks and Nomads, two outlaw groups who are in the midst of a brutal turf war.

    'The outlaw members have boosted their numbers by having social feeder clubs who do not wear a back patch,' the source claimed.

    The senior outlaw member says members with a criminal history, who are subject to tough association laws, use members with a clean background to run businesses.

    'If I were subject to the consorting laws, and I wanted to run a tattoo shop, I would get someone clean to open it under their name, because they would be given a license,' the man explained.

    'I wouldn't be on the paperwork or the website, I wouldn't enter the store. But I'd have CCTV to monitor the comings and goings and I'd be monitoring the takings.'

    He said for the most part, outlaw members are asked to keep a low profile, especially when it comes to 'fun runs', which are often used to collect donations for charities.

    'Some of the members of these groups don't even have bikes,' he said.

    'What does that tell you?'

    Other groups, such as the United Motorcycle Council, are also allegedly run by bikies, specifically ex-Rebels MC members.

    The man claims all clubs, including outlaw clubs, are asked to attend meetings with the council, though many of the larger outlaw groups, such as the Bandidos and Comancheros have angrily declined.

    'Most social and smaller clubs have been intimidated into joining their meetings and council,' he said.

    'After I went to a meeting I saw the club was a puppet show for the Rebels MC and their feeder club, Red, White & Blue.

    'They would strong arm people into taking off colours, changing patches or not wearing patches at all.

    'The main club running the show is a club called Red, White & Blue, which is a feeder club for the Rebels.

    'The people in power [at the council] are very charismatic and manipulative.
    Outlaw members of social groups are alleged to use members with clean criminal records, who are not red flags for police, to reopen tattoo parlours and run other businesses

    Outlaw members of social groups are alleged to use members with clean criminal records, who are not red flags for police, to reopen tattoo parlours and run other businesses

    'They pick vulnerable people, who are looking for belonging, invite you over for a drink, a line of coke, and then suddenly it's "I've given you all these free drugs, can you do me a favour".'

    Another group alleged to only be posing as a social group are the Russian Night Wolves.

    The group, which have strong links to Russian President Vladimir Putin and are sanctioned in Canada and the US. Members have been denied entry in Poland and Germany.

    During the Crimea Crisis, members are said to have fought alongside pro-Russian militants, and participated in attacks on a natural gas facility and the naval headquarters in Sevastopol.

    Top level members allegedly moved to Australia from Russia to start the group a few years ago, and are said to be affiliating with other outlaw groups in private.

    The man says the group will arrive at motorcycle group events with 'custom Harley Davidsons, expensive GoPros, vests and jewellery'.

    'I've seen them pull out a bundle of $50 notes with a rubber band to pay for a coffee - they never use cards,' he said.

    The group are thought to have about 100 members, and the source, who says he has met with multiple members of the group, claims they will try to make a name for themselves when they have reached a formidable size.

    Member Alexander Zaldostanov, nicknamed 'The Surgeon', is pictured speaking with President Putin in multiple news stories, and has even been awarded Russia's Order of Honour.

    In pictures provided to Daily Mail Australia, he is also seen with Alexander Duganov, the son of the Night Wolves president in Sydney.

    A spokeswoman for NSW Police told Daily Mail Australia: 'The NSW Police Force targets illicit activity and criminal behaviour regardless of the individual?s memberships or associations'.

    Police are not believed to currently consider the Night Wolves an OMCG in Sydney.
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    A trend that is happening over here in the west is the use of numbers , like the God's Garbage have an offshoot club of younger dudes who wear the number 77 "G" being the 7th letter of the alphabet

    I have seen guys with 1818 on the sleaves of shirts Rogue Riders (social club ?) and been told the Coffin Cheaters have a similar thing going with 33

    Not my scene , too many dramas , I'm not hard enough or mean enough , don't care one way or another what they do .
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