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The woman who ran over father of three Trevor Moran, not guilty

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  • The woman who ran over father of three Trevor Moran, not guilty

    The woman who ran over father of three Trevor Moran, not guilty because of mental illness

    A DRIVER who hit and killed a motorcyclist at 180km/h because a voice told her get actor Ewan McGregor has been found not guilty of murder due to mental illness.

    Vanessa Fraser claimed to be ?possessed? when she ran over father-of-three Trevor Moran near Cudgen Creek in January 2017.

    The 49-year-old woman said to police a male voice told her to get Ewan McGregor and that she had no control over the car.

    Mr McGregor is known for his documentary Long Way Round, in which he and acting friend Charley Boorman travel the world on motorcycles.

    ?The car was out of control, got out of control,? Fraser told police after the incident.

    ?Um, but then it was like a male voice, it wanted to get ? He wanted to get Ewan McGregor.

    ? ? And then that, that was him that it saw him and suddenly the car just swerved to the, to hit him.?

    Court documents reveal Fraser was in and out of mental health wards between Lismore and Tweed Heads from mid-2012 to just months before Mr Moran's death.

    Her condition improved under medication, but she did not take once released and smoked cannabis each day, the court was told.

    According to Supreme Court Judge Desmond Fagan?s decision, on the morning of the incident Fraser was complaining of heart palpitations to the night supervisor of the Sofitel Hotel in Broadbeach.

    He called an ambulance but she was aggressive towards the paramedics and drove away quickly.

    Eight hours later she was seen speeding between Byron Bay and the Cudgen Creek overpass where the crash happened.

    ?I am satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that by voluntary action the accused drove her car so as to approach Mr Moran?s motorcycle from behind at a speed in the order of 180 kilometres per hour, when he was travelling at a significantly lower speed,? Judge Fagan wrote.

    ?I am satisfied on the balance of probabilities that at the time of the collision the accused laboured under such a defect of reason from the disease of her mind that she did not know the quality and nature of what she was doing.?

    Fraser was not convicted of murder but will be held in custody until the Mental Health Review Tribunal decide to release her.
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