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  • Wanna buy a new helmet?

    Yeah, the time comes when the helmet gets a little tatty, or there is something that just grates about it. Mine, for example is great, except when it rains, I mean REALLY rains. It's OK in light rains or showers, but in a serious downpour, like when the raindrops are like marbles, I get really wet inside, and of course there is the resulting internal fogging, broken up only by rivulets of water down the inside of the visor. Yeah well, a better helmet might be a good thing. I can live with it, usually. When it's a problem, its a big problem and one day....

    So I'm starting to look around. Money, time can be at a premium. Some of my friends do it this way. They visit bike shops, try on lots of helmets until they find one that fits then go away and order it on line. While it might save them money, there are a couple of problems with it.

    Unless you actually like "shopping" and regard it as a recreational activity in its own right, it can waste a lot of time, and money in getting around to all the places one might go to try on a bunch of helmets, before one is in a position to make a decision. This might be OK in the city where one might be able to find a range of brands and models, but out here in the weeds, any decent bike shop will be 80- 150 km away. It's not a bad excuse for a ride on a nice day, but it has to work, and the fuel and lunches do add up over successive trips where you might not find what suits - one wonders whether a few "window shopping" tours are really going to save anyone any money in the long run. I suspect not, especially if I have to travel to the big smoke to pursue the exercise, where there is a larger range of merchandise. That's a big day out from here. Little dealers are not so keen to have significant stock on the shelves and anything they do stock has to have a reasonable prospect of sale at a profit in a sensible time frame.

    Then there is the principle of supporting the businesses on the ground. Dealers are all over the sort of buyer behaviour these days where people browse and try on everything then walk out and buy on-line. This might account for some of the somewhat indifferent attitude of shop staff to shoppers in their premises. I've long been a supporter of businesses with a physical presence and always upheld the principle of going in to buy something where best possible fit is important, like gloves, helmets, boots, ensuring it will do the deed in terms of fit, buying it and wearing it out of the shop. I buy such gear to wear, will not buy where fit is not assured. It works. Well it always has, anyway.

    Is there another way? It seems that there might be, at least where helmets are concerned. I'm always looking. I thought I'd have an early look at helmets. Mine will get replaced sooner or later. Lets see if I can pre-think this a little. There are few things worse than having to get one in a hurry and discovering later that one has made a terrible mistake. There are few things worse than an ill fitting helmet.

    For the sake of the exercise, I've assumed that money is no object. OR I can start saving now, either way this is what I've found.

    I've picked a Schuberth - big ticket helmet. Think big. Now we are about to have helmets based on a European standard available to us, I'll go whole hog.

    After discussion with others about ill fitting helmets reaffirming what I knew all along that head shape has a bearing, as well as actual head size. I also know that individual manufacturers interpretation of Medium differ from others, by centimetres. a Medium might be a Large in another brand. Use the measurements!

    I came across this - - Webike World has a table of helmets and the shape of head they fit, with links to detail about the helmets. I was surprised to find my present and even more so to find the one I used before that in there. The current helmet is a perfect fit, and the other one, well lets say, it could be better - it's a head shape issue, not major, but enough to make it less than perfect to wear for whole days where the helmet does not come off except at fuel stops. It becomes annoying, not painful after 300km or so.

    The Schuberth is in the same head shape category as my current helmet, so I followed that up - click on the helmet and you will get a further link to the fitting options. As it happens the helmet shell in the size larger than I am, is the same size, this means the helmet can be resized up. This is significant, as a M is 56-57. I am a 57. Now usually new helmets "ease" a little after feeling a little tight to begin with. It is nice to know that I would be able to go to a L size, without having to change the helmet, if I was to find that the amount of "ease" did not work out to be sufficient to provide a comfortable fit after a length of time, by simply changing the lining. This is a big tick for Schuberth so far as I am concerned. Any money spent on a change of helmet where one just didn't work out is just money wasted, and would easily account for the difference between buying a top of the line helmet which one can get the fit exactly right the first time. This can also happen with a shop bought helmet where one counts on a certain amount of easing in the first few months of use, which just doesn't come to fruition.

    Have a look at that site. This is a real useful find for anyone looking at changing helmets and is intending to buy on-line. It could save one a lot of chasing around - time and money. One can click on helmets to get further information about them. That is very useful.

    I am starting to think again about buying on line. I have two helmets, both of which have fit me acceptably well, and one perfectly. They are both in the table of brands and models. This surprised me, as the older one is now WAY old. (I don't suppose they change much). This puts me firmly in the "Slightly Round" shape category. It's then straightforward to measure the head and confirm the size for the brand and model. Too easy.

    We'll see if it works sometime, armed with what I've discovered in the last hour or two, I would be prepared to put my money up to find out. However, I don't really need a new helmet at this point. Food for thought only. However, if I did need to buy a helmet in a hurry, I think I'd sit right here at home and let Google be my friend.
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    I myself have no faith in online helmet orders at all.
    The human error factor in picking and packing and then delivery,
    There are no return policies on helmets....
    Any of these errors could happen...
    The wrong size sent, or the wrong helmet
    Or a courier roughly handles your helmet durring delivery
    All Adds up to bad news

    But It is what it is
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      It has always been said only buy a helmet that fits your head...

      So im afraid its a trip to a bike shop or a bike warehouse to get what fits and is comfortable
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        I'm an 'in the shop' type of buyer and sometimes that has even failed me
        I just called, to say........go get pharked


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          Why? Forgot your glasses, or had to go home and put yer false teeth in??

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          Experience is what you get from not reading it.


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            I got a new Flip Front helmet for xmas It's a bloody ripper
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              I was never big on them Wolfe, but I have changed my tune a little.
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                Just Bought a Bell Classic Open Face,
                After being threatened with a $121.00 fine cause helmet liner was looking Ratty
                Gotta Luv Victorian Nanny State
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                  Is that a typo, it would more likely be$1200.00 in WA.
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                  Thanks Wendy


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                    Originally posted by fuknKIWI View Post
                    Is that a typo, it would more likely be$1200.00 in WA.
                    Highway Patrol Motorcycle Person said 121 no points
                    Hard to Fly like an Eagle Surrounded by Turkeys