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A little about DungBeetleBiker

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  • A little about DungBeetleBiker

    Welcome to Dungbeetle Bikers

    "Dungies" is an unmoderated forum for adults with a common interest in motorcycling.

    The members of this forum come from a variety of backgrounds with numerous interests and disparate attitudes.

    This forum is unmoderated and because of that it can be a challenging place to be.

    You will be able to express yourself and take the risk of both positive and negative responses from the other members.

    Some of the "lack of values" that underpin Dungies includes:

    * political incorrectness
    * lack of reverence for everything normally revered
    * willingness to take on taboo subjects
    * general disinterest in authority
    * a tendency to be unapologetically individualistic
    * an expectation that people are mature enough to manage their own emotional responses

    Dungies is self-moderated. This means that you might be expected to tolerate what you find offensive or be asked by others to modify what they feel is offensive and visa versa.

    There is generally a balance achieved because there aren't moderators or administrators to appeal to except in very rare circumstances.

    There are some behaviours that are likely to cause you to be moderated or bumped back to Associate Membership

    * stalking
    * threatening
    * post bombing (repeatedly posting nonsense in many threads designed to cause general disruption to the flow of participation)

    Some of the Dungies members have known each other in the real world for some time and you might notice this level of familiarity and spot sub groups. Don't be intimidated by it. The members of this forum will attempt to include you if you show an honest interest in participating.

    You may see flame wars between people and feel the need to get involved in something about which you feel strongly. A simple word of caution, though, make allowances for some of the "sledging" being part of the participants relationship. Alternatively you might have it right the first time and those members simply don't like each other.

    A Bi-Annual Rollup or BAR is held twice a year at Easter and the first weekend of October. These get togethers give us an excuse to travel on our bikes to meet up with like minded people. Everyone is welcome to come along and meet up with some interesting and weird others. The BAR meetings are discussed in the forum and in a page linked from the main page which generally appears about 12 weeks out from the event date.

    If any of the above appeals to you, feel free to send in an application for membership. If you are being referred by a current member, don't forget to mention that.

    There is no fee for joining this forum.