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The DBB Maintenance Team

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  • The DBB Maintenance Team

    DungBeetleBiker Administrators: DBBM1, DBBM2, DBBM3.

    Who are we? Well first and foremost we are ordinary everyday DungBeetleBiker members who volunteer their time to look after this forum and our website. We are gratefully assisted by foundation and other members too, not necessarily using a DBBM tag, who quietly look after finance, correspondence, and other such things in the day to day running of DungBeetleBiker.

    We all have day jobs, 'family stuff' or just 'personal stuff' to take care of and miles and miles of highways and byways to ride and explore. Yep, like you we have a passion for bikes and we like to spend as much time on them as we can. So please remember we don't live in here, we do have 'another life'. Be patient and allow us a bit of time to attend to your queries or your membership application if you are awaiting approval.

    Some of us may choose to go about our respective roles in a quietly anonymous way. Please respect our prerogative in this and also in not identifying anyone else unless they so wish to be identified.

    Now, just an important little bit about our website, forum and members. Ownership here is vested in members, not a board of high flying administrators or other such hierarchy of control. There are no rules other than for those of common propriety where respect and common decency is an integral part of our way of life. Rules aside there is however, a line in the sand and after you've been here a little while you'll have a very good understanding of just where that line is. Don't go searching too hard for it though and certainly dont find it. It's policed by members who don't like it being crossed and will fiercely protect what is theirs. You will understand too I'm sure that no rules = no democracy so don't expect it.

    Hard words I know, but if you become a member here you'll be no different to anyone else, with the same rights, privileges and freedom to openly express your views. You will likewise covet and protect what is yours.

    And finally, we sincerely hope that our time maintaining this, our little 'piece of peace' in cyberspace, is rewarded by your enjoyment as you participate in all that DungBeetleBiker has to offer. And remember, it's yours, lock stock and barrel . Please look after it well.