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    Anyone know about this? What do you think?
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    It adds a level of complexity simply not necessary on a motorbike. Does it make it better? I think not. Maybe, with traction control, ABS, it could prevent "flop downs" on way slippery surfaces, sometimes.

    For practically every advanced technology which in theory makes road travel safer, there is a corresponding loss in rider skill.

    It will do nothing to prevent SMIDSY type incidents

    It will add considerably to the cost of maintenance with the extra wheel and tyre, pair of shockers, brakes, and the steering mechanism. Wheel alignment becomes a real issue, that you will not resolve at home by "string lining" your wheels. It will require specialist attention, as I doubt any car wheel alignment specialist will want to touch it. Their alignment rigs are just not built for it. They would be like rocking horse shit.

    Not for me. I think if you are going to go that far, a Spyder is a better proposition
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      I tried a Piaggio 3 wheeler some years ago and was really surprised.
      It had plenty of go and grip with 2 front wheels. This might help if one wheel
      hits oil and the other misses but if both hit you still probably going down.
      It had a push button lock the front suspension when you stop so you don't
      need to put your foot down. Could be a problem if you don't time it right.
      Moving off the suspension automatically releases but I can see aproblem.
      If you are in traffic and start to move the suspension releases as it should
      but if the car infront of you hesitates are you going be quick enough to hit the lock button
      while jamming on the brakes? If not you are going to fall over


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        Lurve the stormtrooper outfit.
        Not for me, but I can see a few that would line up for one, just because it's different
        I just called, to say........go get pharked


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          Originally posted by VX800 View Post
          Anyone know about this? What do you think?

          Gay factor alert 150%
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            Originally posted by Wolf View Post

            Gay factor alert 150%
            Me finks Wolfie wants one

            I just called, to say........go get pharked